Non-CGPA Certificate Courses

Non-CGPA certificate courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students during summer vacation to enhance laboratory skills  

Course details

Batch 1: 15th May - 15th June

Batch 2: 15th June - 15th July

Venue: Late Prin. B.V. Bhide Foundation, SP College campus, Pune 30

C1 – Good Laboratory Practices

Timing:  11 am – 1 pm

C2 – Introduction to Perfumery Chemicals

Timing: 1.30 pm – 3.30 pm

C3 – Introduction to Chronobiology

Timing: 4 pm –  6 pm

Course Takeaways

C1 – Students will learn to work in laboratory with current industry standards and importance of SOPs  in error minimization.

C2 – Introduction to art and science of perfumery as well as providing hands on training to prepare industry grade formulations.

C3 – Introduction to science of biological rhythms, and appreciating the health benefits of circadian lifestyle for students.

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